IDIS debuts compact solutions for retail and small businesses

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IDIS has launched a compact range of robust, high performance cameras and recorders. The IDIS Compact Solutions series is designed for rapid installations and both single and multi-site roll outs, allowing for the mixing and matching of analogue and IP technologies, making upgrades and system extensions more affordable than ever.

The new line includes a choice of network and HD-TVI cameras and recorders, all of which are easy to install through one-click network configuration. A highly competitive price point comes without any compromise on IDIS’ reliability and performance, while hardened network security protocols provide reassurance against hacking risks.

The new Compact Solutions line features 4-channel compact recorders that can be desktop or wall mounted, and for end-users and operators – including branch managers, small business owners and security personnel – the line combines high performance features with simple operation and a choice of client software. The IDIS Compact Solutions range is hard-wearing, making it particularly suited for busy environments where reliable capture of high definition video images is important.

IDIS’s DC-D4212R dome and DC-E4212WR bullet PoE cameras are designed for confined spaces yet deliver full-HD performance in live view and playback (including on remote devices such as smartphones) and come with motion detection, tamper alarms, zoned privacy masking, day and night ICR and IR LED up to 20m.

“The new IDIS Compact Solutions line continues our longstanding tradition of market-responsive offerings, designed and developed in house to meet the real-world needs of our industry partners and end-users. This new line of fills an important need in the market, for high value, high performance technology from proven market leaders able to reliably meet highly specific requirements in vertical spaces, such as retail, and smaller business operations,” noted Keith Drummond, Senior Director, IDIS America.   


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