IDIS sharpens its strategic vision for video surveillance

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IDIS used its recent global summit to hone its strategy and product roadmap with its partners while also highlighting its deep learning analytics. The growing importance of upcoming innovations in AI, recording and camera technology, network security, extended warranties and the need for increasingly powerful VMS capabilities were among topics discussed at the event.

Held over two days, the annual summit has grown in scope over the last three years. It is a chance to network with market specialists from around the world to share lessons from projects which are frequently at the cutting edge. The summit is also used an opportunity to focus on business development, with IDIS working closely with its partners to refine its marketing and media strategy for the coming year, to share the latest information about market trends and insights, and to drive product development and continual improvements in technical support. This long term, collaborative approach between IDIS and its business partners is a key element of the company’s growth strategy.

Delegates from around the world got a first opportunity to see the second iteration of IDIS Deep Learning Analytics (IDLA). Version 2.0 IDLA has an accuracy of 96% and a speed of up to 200ips reportedly permitting analysis of 32 channels simultaneously. IDLA does not need additional processing power, meaning users will not have to upgrade existing hardware. When IDLA becomes commercially available in 2019, IDIS will stay committed to its promise of a low total cost of ownership by giving users access to both standard and advanced analytical functionality, such as appearance searching, through just one simple and affordable license.

The summit also focused on the importance of secure design and manufacturing to dispel common market concerns around “backdoors” and how the use of IDIS proprietary protocols harden network security. The agenda also covered sector specific application developments in markets where IDIS solutions are being adopted, including large scale projects in the Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the United States.

Concluding the summit, IDIS Chief Executive Officer, Y.D. Kim, presented 2018 Business Partner Awards to three companies – Avix (Russia), Trinet (Singapore) and Red Office (Bangladesh) – in recognition of their commitment to a close partnership and their outstanding performance over the last year.

“Our three award winners, and indeed all our partners attending this summit, demonstrate that the surest route to success is always through collaboration,” said Joon Jun, President of the IDIS Global Business Division. “Gathered at this summit we have a level of expertise that is unrivalled in our sector, and we share a commitment to giving our customers the very best in video surveillance solutions. Knowing this, we can all look with great confidence to the year ahead.”



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