InfiNet Wireless delivers CCTV connectivity in Guaymas port to improve Mexico’s national security

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InfiNet Wireless have announced the successful placement of a video surveillance system solution in Guaymas, Mexico which has reportedly improved public safety and helped decrease theft of goods.

The previous infrastructure had been severely affected by environmental factors such as hurricanes and corrosion and with the cameras being connected by standard UTP cabling, a viewing range of only 100m was possible. The legacy system was not adequate to monitor the entire port area and therefore needed a complete overhaul.

“Since a strong and reliable CCTV infrastructure is critical for the management of any port, a robust system was needed to allow it to constantly monitor the perimeter areas in order to avoid theft of materials, and drugs and weapon trafficking,” said Carlos de la Madrid, Regional Business Development Manager for LATAM at InfiNet Wireless. “At the same time, the safety and well-being of all employees of the port authority is paramount.”

Guaymas port management has established a wireless solution as it was deemed more cost-effective, operating reliably even in adverse weather conditions. The experts installed several high-capacity base station sectors feeding data and video streams to a central control room.

The project was implemented jointly with Global VoIP, a regional InfiNet partner in Mexico, and a system integrator which deployed the InfiMAN 2×2 point-to-multipoint (PtMP) solution. The InfiMAN 2×2 is a field-proven group of wireless solutions and has been used in various environments, from remote mining locations in Russia to the Olympic sailing security network in Dorset, UK.

“Thanks to the new solution, a very important goal has been achieved – the operations team of the port is able to remotely and dynamically monitor all activities in and around the port area, to keep people safe and to prevent trafficking of all types,” said Axel Humberto Perez Flores, IT expert at API Guaymas.  “This has allowed our security staff to have wider visibility of the port and enabled them to pre-empt criminal activities and even to apprehend potential criminals much quicker than ever before.”



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