JASK & Exclusive Group team up for global roll out of AI-powered ASOC platform

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Exclusive Group has been appointed by JASK to accelerate the market penetration of its technologies around the world.

Exclusive Group will manage the distribution of JASK’s ASOC Platform as part of a worldwide agreement, with the first wave of territories onboarding in Benelux, the Nordics and the USA, with more countries expected to be rolled out in the near future. The distribution agreement with Exclusive Group comes on the heels of the appointment of Jessica Couto as Vice President of Worldwide Channel to broaden and deepen partner commitment.

The JASK ASOC platform is an artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning-based next generation Security Information Event Management (SIEM) for security personnel. The platform automates the collection, normalization, correlation and analysis of alerts, helping security operations centre (SOC) analysts focus on the highest-priority threats through JASK Insights, to streamline investigations and deliver faster, real-time response. According to the manufacturer, the platform is cloud based, open and extensible, enabling customers to build on their current investments.

“JASK enables SOC analysts everywhere to maximize their efficiency by focusing on distilled data insights – with immediate and highly valuable context,” said Jessica Couto, Vice President of Worldwide Channel, JASK. “We are committed to working with Exclusive Group for rapid expansion of our next generation SOC technology via their strong channel network to enterprises across the globe.”

“The use of artificial intelligence for the automation of data in the SOC is offering much-needed relief to overwhelmed SOC analysts, and is helping organizations respond more rapidly to threats,” said Andy Travers, SVP Worldwide Sales and Marketing at Exclusive Group. “The JASK platform offers a revolution in security operations, bringing exciting new capabilities to our portfolio, and opening up new incremental revenue opportunities for our partners.”

The JASK ASOC platform reportedly automates alert investigations, freeing the SOC analyst to do what machines can’t. Security operations are designed around yesterday’s technology, not those responsible for protecting organizations from threats. As a result, analysts spend about 80 percent of their time managing, on average, 1700 alerts a day. Through technology consolidation, enhanced AI and Machine Learning, JASK is reportedly removing technology limitations, freeing analysts to threat hunt with enhanced visibility and the confidence to focus on the highest-priority alerts.



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