Securiscape planters create a safe and Happy Christmas outside Nottingham’s biggest venue

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Four advanced Securiscape PAS 68 street planters have been installed outside Nottingham’s Motorpoint Arena in order to brighten up the area and keep pedestrians using the venue safe. The venue has placed the 1.4 square metre square planters across the top of Bolero Square, with each one containing a Christmas tree, complete with a festive display of flashing lights.

Although designed to add a touch of nature to the area, the planters have created barrier in order to prevent vehicles from accessing Bolero Square and are able to stand up to deliberate attempts to break through. This is thanks to an internal design scheme which forces the vehicle down on impact, while a heavy grade steel framework absorbs the forces of the collision.

Under tests, the planters earned the coveted PAS 68 industry rating, which governs the performance of security barriers. The planters were installed permanently last week and the Christmas trees will be replaced with a display of plants in the New Year.

Stephen Chaston, Head of Operations at the Motorpoint Arena, said: “The safety of our customers is our number one priority, while we also wanted to make the area more attractive. We could have installed a row of security bollards, but we decided that the planters would not only be less visibly impactful, they would allow us to enhance the area with plant displays.”

The Motorpoint Arena installed four of Securiscape’s innovative temporary street barriers, called Securipods, across the top of Bolero Square for the duration of the Nottingham Beer and Cider Festival in October.

Mark Stone, Managing Director of Securiscape, which is based in Ashbourne, said: “We spent years developing and testing our PAS 68 security planters and it’s extremely rewarding to see them installed outside the Motorpoint Arena.

“The ongoing security situation means that communities need to protect their people and buildings without creating a climate of fear. This can be achieved with security planters rather than the types of barriers that make people feel like they are under attack.”

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