SmartTask introduces next generation patrol monitoring

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SmartTask has launched SmartBeacons to enable effective security patrol monitoring in large and busy public spaces. Using Bluetooth low-energy beaconing technology, SmartBeacons provide an alternative to NFC tags that previously were at risk of being vandalised or are not aesthetically acceptable for a location.

“NFC is now widely used for smartphone-based patrol monitoring solutions, because it is cost-effective solution that works well where close proof of presence is needed, and a mobile device can easily scan a strategically-placed tag,” explains Paul Ridden, SmartTask CEO. “However, there are situations where NFC simply does not work, so we have introduced SmartBeacons as a standalone option or a mix and match solution with existing tag technology.”

SmartBeacons have a range of around 30 feet, require minimal installation and have a three-year battery life. While more expensive than NFC tags, they are not prohibitively so, and they are ideal where a security company wishes to confirm that an officer has been in an area without the need for them to find and scan a tag. They can be fitted out of reach or sight, so are safe from tampering and a security officer does not even have to take a smartphone out of their pocket to be detected.

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