Swivel Secure launches updated AuthControl Mobile Version 5

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Swivel Secure

Swivel Secure has announced the launch of its new AuthControl Mobile application, Version 5. The new update reportedly enhances security and increased deployment agility for its users.

According to the manufacturer, the application has been totally rewritten to provide its users with a better performing core functionality in a even more secure system. The new version of AuthControl Mobile V5 supports several languages according to the configuration of the device, enhancing the user experience and comfort by localising to each region.

“The development team are continually working to improve the AuthControl mobile app as part of our multi-factor authentication offering,” said Antonio Lopes, Developer Team Leader at Swivel Secure. “The new app optimises security for our users and provides functionality that makes authenticating both efficient and easy.”

AuthControl Mobile V5 reportedly allows the use of different security criteria to provide secure authentication when used in conjunction with AuthControl Sentry. Security codes are received securely and directly from the Swivel Secure AuthControl Sentry platform and is not network coverage dependant.

The AuthControl Mobile V5 application is now available to download from the IOS App and Android stores.

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