VMS from Cathexis Technologies: An all-inclusive solution for campus security challenges

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While school and university campuses should provide a safe and collaborative environment for learning and excellence, they have regrettably also become targets for violent crime, including: abductions, shootings, vandalism, bomb threats and protest action.

According to Gus Brecher, managing director of Cathexis Africa and business development director of Cathexis Technologies, a comprehensive security management system, which incorporates every aspect of the security system is now a non-negotiable imperative for campus environments across the globe. “The good news is that modern Video Management Systems (VMS) do provide the capability for these institutions to seamlessly manage their entire security operations from a centrally-managed control room environment,” says Brecher.

Over the years, Cathexis Technologies has built a reputation for actively participating in global industry events to gain a broad understanding of the markets changing needs. “Our job is to gain as clear an understanding of each customer’s operations and requirements as possible, so that we can customise a solution that provides maximum effectiveness and efficiency,” adds Brecher.

Traditionally, educational institutions and other large enterprises have struggled with the concept of integration due to using multiple vendors with different products and capabilities. According to Brecher, VMS offers a centrally-managed solution, which incorporates an entire organisation’s security system and other operations for maximum effectiveness, efficiency and return-on-investment.

For the past 23 years Cathexis Technologies has accrued extensive expertise in implementing this system across various vertical market applications, including: Airports, City Surveillance, Education Facilities, Financial Institutions, Government Facilities, Healthcare Facilities, Hospitality, Logistics Manufacturing, Mining, Oil and Gas, Property and Retail.

Brecher adds that campuses are looking for a simple and effective solution which is easy to manage while providing exceptional security, greater operational benefits and the scalability and flexibility to incorporate future technology.

With a clear emphasis on simplicity, the open architecture enables seamless integration with IP cameras and third-party systems, providing complete optimal solutions and maximum return-on-investment for the widest range of applications. All these tools and features are designed to significantly enhance the control room environment.

One of the most distinctive advantages associated with CathexisVision is its emphasis on third-party integrations. Any system transaction or event can be enhanced by the association of synchronised video. Because we believe this so strongly, integration has become one of the major differentiating features of CathexisVision. Integrations include: Access Control, Alarm Panels, Fire Panels, Analytics, Building Management Systems and much more.

This seamless integration provides an extremely powerful single-user interface and is enhanced by video verification of events that occur, as well as rules-based events that can be initiated from event data. The integration provides a dramatically enhanced centralised control room environment by improving site management efficiency and effectiveness.

Integration enables the system to guide the CCTV operators to specific cameras associated with third party systems events, speeding up response times and resultant efficiency. “Imagine control room operators having their world greatly enhanced by having the system automatically choosing cameras for them to view based on events or alarms from Access Control Systems, Alarm Panels, Fence Monitoring Systems and the like,” says Brecher. “Once the benefits have been experienced, their world without integration is almost unimaginable,” he says.

In a nutshell the entire organisation’s security management system is seamlessly integrated for exceptional world-class operational management.

“What sets us apart in a highly competitive market is that we offer a feature-rich product but with the capability to tailor our solutions to each customer’s unique needs at a competitive rate. When it comes to campus security, our goal is to create an environment which is safe for students, staff and visitors to provide an exceptional platform for learning,” he concluded.



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