5 ways to keep your home cool

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5 ways to keep your home cool

Boy, it’s hot! Isn’t it? And it is not going to get any better on the contrary the heat is going to increase over the next months, which is fine, especially after having had that particularly lengthy winter. However, more often than not, houses in Toronto are not well equipped to push this summer heat out and there are sometimes when you need to be at home either working, waiting for a parcel or just chilling, an endeavour that can get a little uncomfortable when the temperature is so high that it turns your home into a natural oven. But fret not! As BBG Plumbing Services Toronto will now share with you, 5 effective and natural ways to keep your home cool.

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Keep your windows shut during the day:

I know, it sounds a little contradictory, but if you think about it, the hot air will keep coming through your windows and it will keep your home scorching hot but if your close your windows when your not in, over the day then you will prevent this from happening. Once you get home and the weather has cool down, then you can open your windows. Keep them open over night and repeat, this will ensure that the air in your home stays nice and cool.

Avoid using hot water over the day:

If you’re planning to wash the dishes or your clothes, try to do it overnight, a few unwashed dishes over the day never hurt anybody. This will prevent the steam from flushing your home, thus raising the indoor temperature. The same can be applied to any other activities that require steam to be performed, such as ironing, using a dishwasher or a washing machine.

Turn the lights off:

Leaving the lights on over the day, special y if you use incandescent light bulbs can increase indoor temperature quite a bit, so make sure that all of your lights are off. Also, try to unplug all of your electronic equipment or simply switch your plugs off; your electronic equipment uses electricity and this can generate heat, even when they are turned off. Keeping them unplugged while not in use can decrease the temperature in your home and it will also have impact in your electricity bill.

Keep your fan facing out:

If you have an electric fan try to place it in the downwind side of your house and have them facing out with the window open, this should keep the hot air outside of your home, where it should be. This can prove to be a very effective strategy when done properly, so try it out.

A few tricks with windows:

Your windows are your key players when trying to keep your home cool, so here are a few pointers about them. Install white window shades or mini-blinds, this will reduce solar heat in a considerable percentage. Keep those windows that get bathed with direct sunlight covered during the day and keep them shut as well. Finally, whenever you use hot water, make sure that your windows are open so that the steam won’t affect the temperature in your home.

That’s it! Hopefully these tricks from BBG Plumbing Services will keep your house cool and the summer heat bearable. Oh, one more thing, make sure there are no leaks in your home or in your plumbing system, some times the water coming out of those leaks is way hot so do try to get a Plumber to take care of those nasty leaks for you. Enjoy the summer!

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