Benefits of Having an Electric Boiler

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Benefits of Having an Electric Boiler

Where there is no gas OR no suitable flue in the building, electric boilers are the best solution.


An electric boiler’s biggest advantage is simple… it does not burn gas!

This rather obvious fact leads to two major advantages over traditional gas boilers. First, bills are likely to be much lower which is the most common reason people switch to electric boilers. Secondly, switching to a boiler that does not burn fossil fuels make your home more friendly to the environment. Because electric boilers are able to deliver heat energy more efficiently, they save you money and are environmentally friendly to yourself and those around you.

However, these are not the only advantages that electric boilers provide over their gas powered cousins. Below are several other reasons you should go electric if you are looking to relace your old boiler.

Reduced installation costs

While making the switch to an electric boiler is a good idea for its improved efficiency and eco-friendly output, if you need to replace your current boiler, or are building a new home, there is another advantage… lower installation costs! Gas heating systems require gas lines, pipes, and often a chimney. Electric boilers require none of those leading to less labor and material expenses.

Noise reduction

If you are living in a smaller home or a larger home with certain acoustics, you are familiar with the rumble of the boiler kicking on. You will be happy to know that electric heating systems are quieter than gas-powered versions. And the newer models are even quieter than their predecessors. Electric versions will lessen this noise pollution.

Less maintenance

Traditional oil or gas boilers require regular maintenance. As they are inherently more dangerous, they need regular preventative maintenance and constant monitoring to prevent or capture possible flaws and malfunctions that could lead to a disastrous situation. Electric central heating systems are a lot less demanding. They will save you time and money while giving you greater peace of mind.

Electric combi boiler running expenses

For a three bedroom house, it would cost approximately $ 1775 per year using an electric combi boiler for heating and supplying hot water. This amount will vary based on the actual house and boiler size and is based on the electric boiler utilized on maximum for hot water and heating during winter and autumn, and hot water only during the spring and summer.

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