Housing benefits

Information on the GST/HST new housing rebate, financial assistance to repair your home, improve accessibility of housing for disabled occupants and increase your home’s energy-efficiency.

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Services and information

GST/HST new housing rebate

Information on how you may be eligible for a rebate on part of the GST/HST or the federal part of the GST/HST that you paid for the construction or purchase of most newly constructed or substantially renovated house.

Buying a home

Programs and services to help you purchase, renovate, and adapt your house or condominium.

Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program – on reserve

Receive financial assistance if you are a Band member and need to repair your home to a minimum level of health and safety, or to improve the accessibility of housing for disabled persons.

Home Adaptations for Seniors' Independence Program – on reserve

Apply for assistance if you are a senior looking to make adaptations to your home or apartment.

Costs to buy, maintain and sell a home

Information on closing costs, additional costs to buying a home, property taxes, condominium fees, ongoing maintenance costs, and costs to sell a home.

Information: Government of Canada

URL: https://www.canada.ca/en/services/benefits/housing.html

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