Business Security Camera Tips

Have you been considering making the investment in a security camera for your business, but are still on the fence about it? We understand that it’s a big investment, but we hope to show you that it’s more than worth it. We’ll also provide you with some tips for how to get the most out of your security cameras, like where to place them for optimal views. Installing security cameras at your place of business can make all the difference in the safety of your employees and your merchandise.

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What types of security cameras are out there?
Wireless vs. Wired

With wireless cameras, you gain a size advantage and placement advantage as you won’t need to be close to any sort of plug and they usually are quite small. They can also be moved and re-positioned anywhere, even other buildings, with little to no difficulty. The downside to going with a wireless is that it’s easier to hack and you can run the risk of losing your signal. Wired cameras, though more secure and less likely to lose signal are bulkier, can’t be moved, and are usually more expensive.

Indoor vs. Outdoor

Ideally, you would install both outdoor and indoor security cameras for the utmost protection of your employees and merchandise. However, if that much of an investment is not in the budget, you may have to make a decision. If your business isn’t in a less than reputable location and your parking lot doesn’t ever seem to see any problems, you might just want indoor security cameras to protect against theft or potential harm being done to your employees. If you don’t have much to secure inside the building, you might consider only having one or two cameras inside and one outside.

Remote Viewing and Motion Detection

Remote viewing is definitely a great option for the security of your business. This option allows you to view all of your footage at once in a secure location and, sometimes, even view it on a mobile device if it’s your day off. With remote viewing, you can monitor the safety of your business and the reliability of your employees when you’re not there. Motion detection is great for if you don’t have a lot of storage space for your footage. This option only records when it detects motion in the room. That way you won’t have to sift through hours of blank footage and you’ll save storage space.

What company should I choose?
CPI Security

CPI’s business package offers an insane amount of products to help secure your business such as, an LCD control panel, replacement battery, multiple door contacts, speaker and microphone, and more! They have a wide variety of services available and carry cameras with advanced features.

ADT Security

ADT offers three different types of cameras: dome cameras, wireless cameras, and indoor color cameras. They offer mobile apps to make remote viewing and controlling easy. They also offer motion detection, cloud storage, video duplicators, and digital video recorders.

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Funlux Security Camera System

Funlax offers a wired system that supports HD, offers motion detection, and remote access is available so you can view from a secure location and your mobile devices. Their cameras are for both indoor and outdoor use with night vision included.

Where should I put my cameras to get the most out of them?
Angled in the corners of the inside

Installing your cameras at a slight angle in the corners of your building will allow you the optimal view of your business. However, if you have a lot of racks or shelving that might hinder this view, you may need to invest in a few more and also put install them in the ceiling, facing downwards to gain view of the whole isle.

Outside, place them where you can see most of your property

If you place them at the corners of your building that allow for the most unobstructed view of your property, you can probably gain footage of the entire property with as little as two cameras.

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What can I get out of having these cameras?
Added security

You can catch shoplifters and criminals in the act and have evidence for the potential legal proceedings. You can also keep an eye on your employees to make sure they’re not shirking responsibilities or, heaven forbid, stealing from the company.

The ability to monitor your business

As previously stated, you can view your employees and make sure they’re doing what they’re supposed to be doing. You can also monitor how many people are coming into your store and how many actually buy something. If someone were to make a mess or cause damages, you would be able to know who did it even after they left.

Monitor any violence

Whether it’s an angry customer or a disgruntled employee, you’ll be the first to know if violence breaks out in your place of business. The remote viewing feature allows you to know about it in real time so you can contact the police and protect your employees, while the recorded footage provides you with evidence should you or the employee decide to press charges.

Protect the quality of your employees and customer service

You can witness firsthand what goes on in your business when you’re not there. This means you can be sure if your employees are on their phones a lot, not doing part of their assigned duties, being hateful to customers, or if they’re at fault in any sort of customer service issue. This way you can maintain your reputation with reliable customer service and not risk getting poor reviews online.

Security cameras are a very wise investment in your business both for protection and prevention. They allow you to monitor several potential issues from theft to bad employees. They also provide you with infallible proof should legal action need to be taken. They can provide you with added protection against employee theft, criminal activity, violence, or employee negligence.

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