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Surveillance Camera Brand Comparison

There are many different types of security cameras available on the market, it can often be difficult to decide, not only, if you really need a surveillance camera but also what system is the best for you.

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There are many benefits to installing a security camera system, these are –

  • they deter crime
  • continuous monitoring of your property
  • footage can be used as evidence
  • footage can be used to help with decision making
  • record keeping

The benefits of security systems all revolve around the fact that with a security camera you will have actual footage of activities and events that happen in the cameras location. This footage can help in many instances from catching a crime in your home to setting a dispute in the work place.

With crime rates increasing it make sense that you will want to by a security system to protect your home and business but a search online will bring back thousands of different results, so how do you pick the right camera for you?

First, you need to understand that your camera may not be as secure as you first imagined. They can be hacked, as manufactures do not necessarily build their cameras with computer and internet security as a priority. In order to secure your camera you need to ensure that you –

  • change your password from the default password to something which is memorable but not obvious
  • ensure your cameras management settings are set to make an encrypted connection

You should also consider what features you want, cheaper cameras will often be very basic whereas the high-end cameras will come with many additional features, but do you want them all? Features to consider –

  • night vision
  • motion detection
  • save data either locally or to cloud storage
  • playback
  • separate DVR
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You will also need to consider –

  • do you want your cameras to be discreet or used as a visual deterrent?
  • will your cameras be indoors or outdoors?
  • how large is the area you want covered?
  • how high detail do you want your video to be?
  • do you have good lighting or bad lighting?
  • do you require audio?
  • how many cameras do you need? may you need more at a later date?
  • what are the key areas of you business (or home) which require surveillance?
  • are there any challenges that you need to overcome?
Complete System Types

It is important to ensure that you shop around, read reviews, and choose the best security camera for your needs. To make this process we can recommend the following brands that all come highly recommended.

  • QSee – their systems are considered user friendly
  • Hikvision – provide various systems all over the world
  • Zmodo – known for providing high quality products
  • Sony – is one of the most well known and popular electronic companies worldwide
  • Funlux – a new company which offer products which are high quality at affordable prices
  • Danu – offer products worldwide which are of a high standard
  • Amcrest – offer affordable products which offer customers security and safety
  • Lorex – offers user friends high quality video surveillance
  • Sannce – offer quality products for both commercial and residential properties
  • Swann – offers a variety of special high quality products for use both in commercial and residential properties
  • Best vision systems – guarantees 100% customer satisfaction
  • Defender surveillance systems – offer a variety of plug and play systems which are user friendly
  • Night owl – offers innovative security systems
  • Uniden – has a long standing reputation for offering quality electronics
  • Netgear – has a long history providing wireless technology systems
  • Logitech – offers a variety of products for use with computers and tablets
  • LaView – provides a wide range of security and surveillance systems
  • Samsung – provides a large range of electronics
  • Annke – provides a range of home security systems
  • Vivotek – one of the most world renowned suppliers of home surveillance technology
  • Axis – one of the market leaders in network video security systems
  • Optica – specialises in computer connectivity systems

 When installing a security camera system it is important that you –

  • plan ahead
  • ensure cameras are pointing towards all entry points at ground level
  • ensure cameras are located near a power source
  • place cameras high up
  • look at your property and carry out a risk assessment
  • place your DVR in a central location
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Whilst it is understandable that you would want to protect your home or business from threat via the use of surveillance cameras it is important that you also respect people’s rights to privacy.

You will need to ensure that people are aware they are being recorded, whilst there may be certain circumstances where a hidden camera is needed (if you suspect abuse or misconduct) it is important to ensure cameras are visible.

There are strict rules regarding recording audio that need to be adhered to as the recording of audio can be considered wiretapping. If your camera can record audio then it is best you either turn the option off or seek legal advice to ensure you meet the legal requirements.

Ensure that cameras are not located in areas where privacy and dignity is paramount, such bathrooms and changing areas.

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