Common Mistake When Installing Surveillance Camera & How to Avoid Them

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Common Mistake When Installing Surveillance Camera & How to Avoid Them

When you’re installing surveillance cameras it can be easy to think you’ve got every angle covered but it is surprising how many people actually make mistakes. To have a great working surveillance system that will truly keep you protected it is imperative that the cameras have been installed properly. We’ve come up with some of the most common mistakes and a few tips for how you can avoid them in the future.

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Hiding Your Outdoor Surveillance Cameras

It seems very intuitive to make sure people can’t see your cameras but it removes on of the best factors they come with – the deterrent factor! Yes, you’re more likely to catch the thieves in action as they walk away with your brand new TV but that’s because you’re more likely to be burgled overall! Not only this but the police will be less likely to do anything with grainy outdoor footage than they would have been able to do if the camera had been visible as there’s less likelihood of anybody trying to break in!

Poor Positioning of Your Surveillance System

Making sure the angle of the camera is pointing in the right place is absolutely key. Yes, covering a wide area is great but if that wide area will show anybody’s feet instead of their faces how much use will this really be?

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More than this you need to check out what obstructions there are. Installing surveillance camera on a shelf might give you a sturdy base but the shelf itself shouldn’t be in the shot. It will just restrict the view and mean the resulting video won’t be up to scratch. It’s not just physical objects that can act to block the view of your camera but light too. If there is a light shining right into the camera at any time of day it will completely whitewash any footage being filmed making it almost completely pointless.

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Not Installing Enough Cameras

While the number of cameras isn’t key it does make things much easier. Clever positioning could save you a few bucks on an extra camera or two but if you ask too much from them then you’re damaging the chances of them doing their job properly. If you’re trying to cover a particularly large room then having cameras set up at either end will work much better than the highly pixellated footage you might get from only having one.

Just having one camera on its own won’t provide you with enough coverage unless you’re only really interested in looking after a specific item or two. Making sure you’ve covered all the entrances to the house on the ground floor and a few extras in key rooms you could be saving yourself masses of trouble in the future.

Installing a Camera Too High Up

I know, I know, we’re always stressing the importance of making sure you install your outdoor cameras high enough up that people can’t knock them off easily. On the other hand you don’t want to be installing them so high up that the footage they are getting is too grainy to tell if it’s even a person peering through your windows.

Installing a Camera Too High Up

Think about it, would you rather have more of the perimeter of your home under grainy surveillance or keep a close eye on the back door? It’s always best to make sure the footage will actually help the police out if it ever comes down to that, after all, it’s why we’re going to all the trouble in the first place!

Forgetting the Password

This one should really go without saying but it is shocking how many people go to the trouble of setting up a surveillance system only to forget the password. Similarly, it’s important to change any pre-programmed passwords on anything you’ve installed. It might be the camera itself or the remote live feeds but keeping a password that comes with it is the worst thing possible. Scrap that, you need to make sure you change passwords no matter what you’re installing! Regardless of whether it’s security related or not.

Not Thinking About Power Sources

Most surveillance cameras these days come with wireless capabilities and so we forget that they don’t need to be within easy reach of the router. They do, however, need to be located close to a power source. You can get cameras that will use batteries but you’ll save money in the long run if they’re plugged directly into the mains.


So when you’re installing your security system then keep these little tips in mind and you’ll have a much more secure home as a result of it. Avoiding the most common mistakes shouldn’t be difficult when you follow this simple guide and you’ll feel all the more secure as a result. So enjoy the security and freedom that a well installed surveillance system can give you.

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