The Regular Checks And Maintenance Of Security Cameras

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The Regular Checks And Maintenance Of Security Cameras

A security camera, also known as CCTV is a camera operating system that is used to protect people and businesses from robberies, houses getting broken into, vandalism and much more.

The Regular Checks And Maintenance Of Security Cameras

CCTV footage is a video system that helps identify crime, can be used as evidence of someone’s whereabouts and also they are used a lot for appeals, often used by the police and news channels. In some countries they even dedicate programs to CCTV footage, like crime watch in the UK. in today’s age, security cameras come in all shapes and sizes to fit your needs and price range.

Why should you use security cameras?

Security cameras are a perfect piece of equipment to have for safety aspects. Capturing video evidence will help drastically when it comes to proving to the law of a criminal act, even help solve a crime. If people know you have security cameras it will make them think twice before damaging any of your property. Criminals hate being on camera! If that isn’t enough then check these reasons out.

Fog on the lenses.
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Top five reasons to have a security camera.

● Keep an eye on the kids.

Crime has got that bad now in 2017 and children are being snatched off there own property, lets face it parents can not watch their children 24/7 so when they are on the garden and your occupied for just a few seconds you can monitor them on the camera footage to make sure they are still safe. The cool feature cameras have to offer allows parents to monitor their children when they are not even at home. Putting the parents mind at rest whilst out of the house.

● Make criminals think twice.

Criminals love a good easy opportunity to make a robbery or damage your property even steal your car. They often check for security cameras before doing any of this. If a criminal spots a security camera they will think twice before doing any of the above because they don’t want to get caught out. Criminals seeing your CCTV operating system will more than likely move them onto the next person who unfortunately does not have them. If you think that security camera systems are far to dear and out of your budget try a dummy. Dummy cameras give the impression to criminals that you have a camera system in place.

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Security Cameras and Weather.

Placing your security camera directly into the sunlight can damage the lense and have an impact on how well the footage turns out.

A cameras performance relies on the weather conditions, too hot can cause the cameras to have a much shorter life span, having really cold weather can affect the visuals and rotation of a camera.

When it comes to fixing your security cameras this is why it is important to make sure you are fixing them in the perfect location. Not too much light,but not too dark because if it is too dark you will not see clearly on the video recordings. Location is key, making sure you have the whole view in and there is no hiding spots that will allow for someone to sneak past the footage.

For the colder weathers cameras with a built in heater was invented. Some even have temperature gauges included which allows you to know if that certain camera can uphold the freezing temperatures.

If the weather is raining some cameras have a lip that protects the lenses from getting rain splatter on them and smearing. It is advised to place the camera on a over hanger on a building that will offer extra protection in those rainy windy days.

Fog on the lenses.

A common problem people tend to run into with security cameras is a foggy mist or a white glaze on the lenses at night time. This is usually due to an infrared light bouncing back into the camera lenses. The shorter the view the less likely you are to encounter this issue, with the wider lenses being used this is making the problem a higher risk due to more lighting in the lenses focus. Try re angling the cameras sun visor to help block out any lights that can be causing the issue. If your camera doesn’t move then try zooming the camera in a little to block some of the view out. Some cameras don’t accept other light very well. If you are experiencing fog or water inside the lenses check that there is no air getting into the lense.

Fog on the lenses

Fixing the problem.

The internet sell a range of products to help protect your camera from the foggy sensation. The Anti fog and the rain repellent, both will help fix your problems and you can say goodbye to foggy lenses. The rain repellent is a liquid formula that you wipe onto the lense of the camera and it acts like a water resistance, so when the rain hits your lense you won’t be left with drops and bad vision. This is perfect for snow and sleet to so a brilliant asset to have in winter season. The anti fog formula is liquid and is applied just like the first one mentioned above. This will stop any form of fog appearing on the lenses and allows perfect vision footage. These two simple formulas will give you the ability to stop foggy lenses and present you with the perfect video footage with no issues whatsoever.

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