4 tips to help you place your security cameras (systems).

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If you have or you are looking for a security camera, you already know that security cameras can truly help stop home break-ins and keep your family, and property safe from vandals and burglars. However, whatever security camera you choose, its effectiveness can be influenced by where and how you place it.

Knowing where to place your security camera is extremely important. Basically, an optimal security camera placement will let your camera do its best job. Catching thieves and criminals can only be done when your camera is put in the right location.

Here are four home security camera placement tips so you can install your home security camera to maximize its effectiveness.

security camera install spots
Tip 1: Ask Questions about Planning Security Camera Placement

Before you start installing a home surveillance system, make full preparation on residential security camera placement. Consider where to install the best home security cameras and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where do you think you actually need security cameras?
  • Where are the most vulnerable spots on your property?
  • Do you have any entrances that are obscured, such as windows or doors that would be especially appealing to thieves?
  • Has your home ever experienced a break-in, even when previous owners lived there?
  • If there was a break-in, where was it?
  • What security camera placement tools do I need?

All of these questions matter and can be acted as security camera placement guidelines, helping to determine the best locations for installing home security cameras.

In addition, security cameras run the risk of being tampered with if someone is determined enough to commit his crime anyway. Ask yourself whether you want thieves to know you have cameras or not. If you do, you may want to consider having cheap fake cameras (dummies) in easy-to-see places and your more valuable cameras hidden, so if a thief tampers with the visible cameras, you’ll have them on tape using the hidden security camera while they commit the crime.

Tip 2: Avoid the Most Common Mistakes When Positioning and Installing a Security Camera at Home

Both indoor and outdoor security camera placement decides if your camera will work at its best. Take a look at these common mistakes so you can avoid them when considering where to place cameras for home security.

Forget to Secure Indoor and Outdoor Surveillance Cameras.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is not securing their security devices, which means surveillance cameras can be easily tampered with. Security camera placement inside and outside home may be a little different, since outdoor security cameras are easier to be damaged in harsh weather conditions, or stolen by thieves.

Think Cameras are Able to Multitask

Cameras are not able to multitask. You need to decide what task you want your camera to perform when considering the placement. People often forget the camera cannot pick up someone’s face, license plate, and the house across the street all at once, and will place their camera without planning ahead. Preparing a home security camera placement diagram is important so that every camera plays its biggest role.

Place Cameras at the Highest Point

Many people place their cameras at the highest point of their property, thinking it will give them the largest picture possible. While it will give you a larger view, you will not get a very detailed look at any criminal’s features.  You may catch just a figure on the camera instead of being able to identify a person, unless you install a PTZ security camera, which sees details as well as large view angles without damaging the video quality.

camera under proof
Use Cameras without a Wide Dynamic Range at Doorways and Windows

This means they will only get the desired picture they need if the person is approaching just right or if the person looks directly into the camera.

Fail to Provide Enough Lighting

Lighting is often forgotten when dealing with night time monitoring. If yours are not night vision security cameras, you should provide enough lighting so as to record clear footage even in the dark. However, putting cameras too close to bright lights will cause the picture to be disrupted. And outdoor video surveillance camera pointing to direct sunlight will cause stripes in the image.

night vision security camera
Tip 3: The Best Locations and Positions for Your Camera Suggested

Positioning of security camera system plays an important role in providing adequate surveillance. So where should home security cameras be positioned? People new to the industry will benefit from some security camera placement software and apps, which help place cameras where you would like to and adjust them until you are satisfied.

The following are some recommended spots for security camera placement according to home security statistics.

 Install Surveillance Cameras at the Front Door

Around 34% of burglars enter through the front door, so you definitely need a security camera watching. Place your camera at second-floor level to avoid a burglar from knocking out your camera. If you only have one level, you could enclose your front door security camera in a mesh wiring to help protect it from tampering.

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Locate Home Security Cameras at the Back Door

Up to 22% of thieves invade your house through the back door, so you would benefit from using a camera here. This includes side doors as well. Each door you have should also have a camera watching in case of intrusion. Again, try to keep it out of the reach of humans or things they can throw at a camera.

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Tip 4: Check Home Security Camera Placement Laws

This security camera layout guide lets you know these common mistakes and suggested spots for installing security cameras at home. Besides, you should also look at some other things when placing cameras, such as, security camera placement laws. It is of great necessity to think about where it is legal to put surveillance cameras. You may have doubts like:

“My neighbor pays very close attention of my moves in my backyard. His outdoor surveillance camera is under the roof and the fence between us is only 6 feet tall. He records everything of my backyard activities and I feel like I have no privacy at all.”

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