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Whether it is your home or business, you deserve to feel safe. We have all heard stories about criminals committing crimes and getting away with it! The main reason these crimes go unsolved is that there are no witnesses or physical descriptions of the criminals. The police can only do so much with the evidence they find at the scene of the crime to develop possible suspects.

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Why You Need Security Cameras in a Commercial Setting

Security Cameras will give you the ability to check in on your business, or multiple business much easier than ever before. You have the power of surveillance at the click of a button. You will be relax knowing that your security cameras are your extra set of eyes.

24/7 Surveillance

By having a surveillance system connecting all the security cameras at your various business, you can check all the locations at once. You no longer need to travel throughout Toronto just to check out how everything is running. With a security surveillance system, you can check in 24/7.You are able to ensure that all your businesses are running smoothly and monitor your employees.

Theft Prevention

Just the presence of security cameras in your business will make thieves more wary about stealing. They will be scared off by knowing that they are being watched and are more likely to get caught. Not only are outside thieves scared off by security cameras but so are internal thieves. If you happen to have internal theft, it is guaranteed to be stopped with the installation of security cameras.

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Employee Productivity

Security cameras let your employees know that you are always keeping an eye on them. Studies have shown that employees are more productive knowing that they are being watched by their employers. With security cameras, you are also able to evaluate the competency of your employees. So, you can see who is helping or hindering your business.

BBG Residential CCTV Systems

BBG Residential CCTV Systems

BBG Commercial CCTV Systems

BBG Commercial CCTV Systems

Legislation for CCTV Systems

Legislation for CCTV Systems

Why You Need Security Cameras in a Residential Building

Having security cameras in a residential building should not be considered a privacy issue. Security cameras are a sign that as the building owner, or landlord, you care about your tenants. You care about their safety, as well as the safety of your building.


It is hard for your tenants to feel safe knowing that they can easily be caught alone inside their residential building. By installing security cameras, you let your tenants know that they are never alone in the building’s gym or laundromat. Not to mention that potential tenants are more likely to lease with buildings with security cameras. Potential tenants feel safer knowing that they will be able to leave their apartments without fear of being robbed.

Property Damage

Security cameras installed into your residential building allows you to maintain your building better. You can keep an eye on your gym, laundromat, or other equipment. Toronto vandals will be discouraged to attack your building or your tenants’ cars with the presence of security cameras. If they do, your security camera footage will help you report to the police.

How Do You Choose a Good Provider

When you are deciding on a surveillance system provider, there are a couple of issues to keep in mind.

Quality of Technology

When considering a surveillance system provider, you want to make sure that their technology is able to support your needs. Their technology needs to be:

  • Up to date
  • Durable
  • Provide a clear image
  • Allow live monitoring
  • Allowing Recording

Remember that a security provider is only as good as their equipment. Often times, weak equipment is a sign of a weak provider.

Quality of Support

Your security provider should be able to help you if anything were to go wrong with your surveillance system. You want to check out the cost of repairs or fees associated with your system maintenance. You don’t want to be left with a bill that is not covered by your monthly payments. Also, research the response time of potential providers to find one that will help as soon as possible. Anything can happen while your surveillance system is out of order.

Quality of Provider

You want a strong surveillance provider that will guarantee you the best service in Toronto. You need a well-rounded security surveillance system provider. Look for a provider that has a wide variety of surveillance equipment that has everything stated above. They should also be able to provide you with quality support service. In order to get the best provider, it helps to look into the customer reviews of providers.

Why Us

Best Brothers Group the well-rounded security surveillance system provider you have been looking for! We have been providing Toronto with the best security system services for 15 years. Our technology, support, and creditability rises above our competitors.

We provide you with some of the most cutting edge technology. We offer surveillance systems like DVR security systems, wireless cameras, analog cameras, POe (Power over Ethernet) cameras, and IP (Internet Protocol) cameras. BBG guarantees to have a security surveillance system that will fit all of your needs.

Best Brothers Group tailor make security solutions for our clients so that they get a customized surveillance system. You decide on just buying our high-tech equipment and installing it yourself. Or, we can install your desired equipment for you and ensure that you have 100% surveillance visibility. Either way, BBG offers customizable maintenance plans that will meet all your support needs, even if you are on a budget.

Customer Testimonials

Best Brothers Group has been Canada’s number one security surveillance provider for the last 15 years. Being number one doesn’t happen by accident, we have worked hard to ensure that every one of our clients gets the best service possible. Here are just a few examples of satisfied customer reviews:

  • “What amazing customer service! I had an issue connecting the camera to my wireless network. I called BBG since I had purchased my camera from them and they provided me with support to get the camera working. I am so appreciative of their support understanding that they do not normally provide technical support for products purchased. What a fantastic experience”


  • Thank you very much. Very patience service tech. Explained all available options and was great to deal with.


  • Excellent timely service. Very professional approach. Gave us options to choose from and was very friendly. Great customer service and would highly recommend.


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