Eagle Eye Networks expand global infrastructure and localises services delivery

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Eagle Eye Networks has completed an 18-month globalisation project to meet the requirements of its key global customers.

The initiative involved adding global data centres to provide wider regional coverage, opening a new Japan-based Eagle Eye Networks office and establishing new distribution partnerships in the Nordics and Spain.

The company also implemented new multi-lingual translations of the Eagle Eye user interface, Eagle Eye Reseller Dashboard and website, while enhancing customer support resources through increased operating hours and the expansion of Eagle Eye University to Europe.

Eagle Eye’s multi-national customers require a standardised video surveillance solution to streamline operations across their global locations, designed with localised languages and data centres for their employees.

The Eagle Eye Cloud Security Camera VMS now provides a localised user experience in a global environment.

Dean Darko, Founder and CEO of Eagle Eye Networks, commented: “I founded Eagle Eye Networks as a cloud company because I foresaw a shift from on-site to cloud video surveillance.

“We invest heavily in our platform and will continue enhancing and expanding our global infrastructure to support our worldwide growth.”

Data centres have been added to London, Dubai and Frankfurt for anticipated growth from Eagle Eye’s channel expansion in Europe and the Middle East, while dramatically expanding its Montreal and Amsterdam facilities due to increased customer demand.

The Eagle Eye User interface and Reseller Dashboard have been localised into seven different languages, including Spanish, Japanese, German, French and Dutch, while customers support is now available 24 hours a day, five days a week.

This push toward globalisation is a key part of Eagle Eye’s mission to meet customer needs and delivering added value to its resellers and customers.



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