You know how when you go to Target and you end up buying all these impulse items you didn’t plan on buying like a new hairdryer and tiki torches and an ottoman? Annoying, right? That’s nothing. You know where it REALLY sucks to buy impulse items? Let me tell you. It all started one day […]

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Accessibility in the digital age: Okanagan parent voices concern

Posted on February 25th, 2019 by Best Brothers Group

[ad_1] When School District 23 recently introduced a new app for parents to report their child’s absence from class, not everybody was able to fully use it. Derek Wilson is blind. The app the school district chose is inaccessible, he said. “I think that the school district, if they’re going to use public funds to […]

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Okanagan parent voices concern over technology accessibility

Posted on February 24th, 2019 by Best Brothers Group

[ad_1] In the midst of a digital revolution with smart phones and apps, there are some people who are fighting a battle so they don’t get left behind. A blind Okanagan parent is speaking out after School District 23 introduced an app that he says makes it difficult for him to report his daughters’ absences […]

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