Hygiene and touchless technology have fast become a key topic of discussion amongst Australian businesses in recent times due to the rapid spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), bacteria and viruses. Business owners are now more conscious of the importance of adequate hygiene measures, including the hygiene protocols and practices put in place at their businesses premise and facilities.

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Reduce The Spread of Coronavirus

To meet the growing concern and risk of COVID-19, Canadian businesses are moving to install automated doors at their premises to provide no contact access for employees and customers. BBG Security high quality touchless automatic doors (with options of sliding and swing) use sensors to detect people approaching the entry, opening and closing for the patron automatically as they enter the premises. This touchless entry significantly reduces the opportunity for germs, contaminates and coronavirus to spread via shared surfaces such as door handles, buttons, keypads and intercoms.

For businesses that still require or prefer the use of a push-button entry and exit system, Best Brothers Group can install or retrofit a new commercial-grade GD Touchless Sensor to existing entries or switches. This new innovative design allows for no contact entry and exit activation and can be used to replace your current manual contact push buttons.

Join the hundreds of Canadian businesses making the switch to hygienic automatic doors with BBG automated access solutions.

Benefits of Touchless Automatic Doors


Stop the spread of coronavirus and unwanted contaminates, viruses and bacteria with hygienic, touchless automatic doors. As physical contact from the hands is not required to pass through, contagion risks are greatly reduced with viruses and bacteria unable to pass through touch. Fitting your new automatic door with an airtight seal also creates a barrier to debris, odors’ and pollution.


Save on heating and ventilation costs while creating a hygienic workplace with automatic sliding and swing doors. By utilizing the highly energy efficient range of BBG Automatic Doors, the energy savings in a commercial setting can provide a payback on investment of around a year or less, making it a very worthwhile investment. Automated doors help maintain a moderate temperature at all times, ensuring doors open and close rapidly when activated.


Automatic door sensors allow for touchless entry and exit by employees and customers, making the transition between rooms or entry points a seamless experience. The adjustable Touchless Sensor allows improved hygiene and accessibility with automatic doors opening at the wave of a hand or arm, requiring no touch.


With routine automatic door maintenance and servicing, your new hygienic automated door solution will reduce that frustrating and annoying creaking sound while opening and closing doors. This provides a more relaxed and comfortable experience for your clients.


Greeting visitors with automated and touchless doors at your establishment will make an impression on visitors that your business cares about their hygiene and comfort. Improve the experience for visitors today by revisiting your premises and taking the necessary steps to reduce the spread of coronavirus, bacteria and germs.


Automatic doors can also assist in the management of security. BBG automatic doors have the option of automated electromechanical locks which can be programmed to lock and unlock and specific times of the day, or only be unlocked by those with appropriate access privileges. Having an automatic door removes the worry of forgetting to lock or shut a door behind you, giving you the peace of mind that your door will always be secure.


BBG Security can provide a touchless automated door solution for almost any application, whether it be a door between the kitchen and dining hall, or the entrance to a medical facility. With both new and retrofitted swing and sliding door options, we’ll find the most cost-effective and hygienic solution to help reduce the chance of Coronavirus, germs and bacteria spreading.

No Contact Automatic Door Applications

  • Hospitals, operating theatres, laboratories, patient rooms, medical facilities and general practitioners
  • Residential care homes to assist with limited mobility
  • Food processing facilities and restaurants
  • Schools and universities to prevent contagion between students
  • Accommodation & hospitality providers such as hotels, pubs and backpackers
  • Aged care shared facilities, offices and aged care homes

While these are the most common applications and industries, touchless automated doors should be considered by all businesses. Show your customers, visitors and long-term clients that your business understands and respects their right to a safe and hygienic experience when visiting your premises.

Find Hygienic Door Solutions

Best Brothers Group have no contact automatic door solutions to reduce the chance of Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreading at your premises. No matter the application, our specialized team has the knowledge and products to meet your requirements. BBG have maintenance and automated door repair plans to ensure the longevity and performance of your new hygienic automated doors. We also stock all leading automatic door motors to make any required repairs or servicing work efficient and timely.