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Touchless Automatic Doors To Help Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

If manual doors are installed in your facility, people generally use their hands to push the door open. The whole point is to avoid coming into contact with places and surfaces that can possibly pass on the virus. If you have automatic doors installed, several people touching the door handle won’t be a concern as there’s no chance of contagion by hands.

At present, touchless automatic doors have become crucial in health facilities and hospitals as they isolate a room completely. You can even get bespoke automatic doors installed to create quarantine-like conditions for added safety. As an increasing number of patients are experiencing the effects of COVID-19 in isolation, touchless automatic doors have become integral for medical centers.

Similarly, having easy accessibility thanks to automatic doors will offer flexibility, operability and not to mention hygiene as well. At a time where we have to pay special attention with regard to maintaining distance while handling materials, automated entrances offer safety and peace of mind.

Does Your Commercial Building Need Automatic Door Installation?

Once we have put the pandemic behind us, it would be a good idea to assess your commercial building and see where and how the installation of touchless automatic doors will help. This is not restricted to just avoid a new epidemic but it will also help people coming in contact with common flu and cold.

Why Touchless Automatic Doors are Beneficial at Commercial Applications?

One thing that makes automatic doors special is that they are the simplest form of enabling entry and exit for commercial applications. Also, they are available in a wide range, with varying profiles and applications and offer a multitude of benefits and features including climate control, energy efficiency and a practical management of foot traffic.

We believe that the entrance of any commercial building is the most important as it:

  • portrays your business,
  • must be easy to use,
  • provide security to the building and occupants
  • as a means of escape.

Automatic doors are beneficial for commercial areas in many different ways. Here are some reasons which show why automatic doors installation is beneficial for your commercial space.

Space Management

Many buildings have limited space and it therefore becomes hard to manage the limited space; automatic doors provide an ideal solution for such spaces. Installation of automatic sliding doors in your premises does not need extra space but traditional doors do.


An automatic door solves the problem of having to manually open a heavy door; they are hands-free, convenient and easy to use. Automatic doors provide a hassle free entrance to elderly and disabled customers, and people carrying heavy luggage or children.


We manufacture automatic doors that are well equipped with safety features and comply with BSEN16005 / BS7036. We will risk assess each installation and provide the appropriate equipment to ensure the levels of risk to contamination, infection, impact, shearing, crushing and drawing in, are either eliminated or reduced to safe levels.

Energy Saving

Automatic doors save energy in many effective ways and reduce the cost of heating and cooling. The door opens only when someone enters and closes after the person passes through it. This feature of automatic doors eliminates the probability of doors being left open and therefore reduce wastage of energy and loss of heat or air conditioning. Generally, they only require the same amount of electricity to power a light bulb.

Makes Traffic Flow Easy

Commercial spaces such as schools, shops, offices, universities, theatres, and airports, the traffic flow gets high during the busy hours. Customers struggle at such places to pass each other through manual doors or revolving doors. Automatic doors are an excellent option for controlling pedestrian traffic flow and reducing congestion. They can keep the traffic free-flowing by providing an easy walk through entry and exit way.

If you run a business that has premises that are open to the public then accessibility should be a major concern for you. Is it easy for people to get in to your premises? Whether you run a shop, a hotel, a restaurant, or any other form of public facing business, simple accessibility upgrades such as a touchless automatic swing or sliding doors could make a big difference to the way people view your company.

Apart from providing touchless automatic doors, we also offer service and repair to all types of commercial doors such as; manual, aluminum, glass, fire escapes and acoustic movable walls. So, contact us today for a touchless automatic door installation solution on 1-888-224-8688

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