Waving away the need to touch your doors with Touchless Door Sensors

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Since 2012, Best Brothers Group (BBG) have specialized in the manufacture and installation of Automatic Entrance Packages and Automatic Operators, helping customers across Canada in all sectors including Health, Retail, Education, Sports, Commercial, FM, Local Authority and Industrial Market Sectors.

The Safety of our Staff and Customers is of utmost importance.  One of many ways we helped both our customers and our own premises to be Covid-19 Safe for the return after the Spring Lockdown, was with the introduction of Hands-Free Touchless Door Sensors, which has brought about more ease with the reduction of cross-contamination, by having a low power consumption way of being able to open doors without touching them, you just ‘wave’ at the sensor.

We have fitted them to main entrances, washroom doors, internal doors, office and kitchen doors and they can be added to existing automated doors by replacing current Push Pad technology with different designs to suit the space available.

Customers have also requested that we automate existing manual doors and then add hands free touchless sensors either to the outside, or to their workstations for those who have wished to have control over opening their entrance doors from inside their premises. The Automatic Door below was manufactured and installed by BBG before the Covid-19 pandemic became headline news. You will see a traditional “Press to Open” push pad on the right-hand side of the door.  This can now, very simply, be changed to a Touchless Door Sensor as the three images below show, thus providing a totally automated entrance without any need for contact.

news magic switch

Best Brothers Group installing these telescopic automatic doors to provide physical barriers to help reduce cross contamination by segregating contaminated areas. The doors are activated with a touchless door sensor. When patients are taken into Emergency just ‘Wave’ at the switch and the door automatically opens and closes behind them as they enter the treatment bay all without any physical contact. NOTE: Motion sensors have been omitted to reduce incidents of accidental opening of the doors by personnel moving in the area before the doors.  This is proving instrumental in the fight against the spread of the Covid-19 virus within this very sensitive area within the hospital.

Our professional Installation and Service Engineers, all carry the Authorized Technicians Card, as issued by the American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (AAADM) Certification.

We are fortunate to not only provide the majority of automatic doors onsite at our premises but we also have our own parts company, which often benefits on lead times as well as cost.

‘We pride ourselves in our problem-solving capabilities, no matter how challenging or demanding and we are extremely fortunate to have a dedicated longstanding skilled workforce’

Best Brothers Group (BBG) are certified by The American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (AAADM) as well as being members of The Toronto Construction Association (TCA).

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