New Maxxess InSite Empowers Total Awareness

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Maxxess Systems

Maxxess Systems introduces new enterprise software that combines security, communications, business intelligence and data integration into a single platform called Maxxess InSite. According to the manufacturer, the platform combines systems intelligence and human intelligence to detect and respond to unfolding events in real-time – all of which is queued, organized and displayed on a highly-intuitive user interface

“Maxxess InSite sets a new benchmark for security and business intelligence software platforms by every standard of measure,” said Nancy Islas, President of Maxxess Systems. “It goes beyond basic detection and control. It empowers total awareness and provides users with unprecedented capabilities to help prevent incidents from happening. It also coordinates the activities of first responders and the people they are assisting from the moment a threatening event is detected. And best of all, is the simplicity of Maxxess InSite’s operation.”

Maxxess InSite features an open-architecture framework to accommodate virtually any security or business intelligence application with comprehensive functionality – from automated responses with database integration to mobile alert notifications with two-way communications. Hardware and software solutions from more than 50 different leading manufacturers are already integrated into Maxxess InSite, providing more combined capabilities and functionality than any other cross-platform solution available.

“The beauty of the product is that even with these diverse integrations and functions, the system is very user friendly,” said Kevin Daly, CEO of Maxxess Systems. “Simplicity of use is truly the system’s ultimate sophistication.”

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