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A bumbling “idiot” of a porch pirate epically struggled while taking off with a big screen television that he barely managed to fit in a getaway car after the thief tripped and fell on the large parcel.

Police in Maryland released security camera footage showing the not-so-smooth criminal snagging the large TV from outside of a Fort Washington home.

The video shows the thief grabbing the box with both hands and running across the front yard before tripping and falling on top of the TV.

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Back on his feet, with his pants hanging below his butt, the man tries to jam the box into the back of his sedan.


The porch pirate then tries the trunk.


He then tries the back seat again, with limited success.

With the television hanging about halfway out of the vehicle (or halfway in the vehicle, if you’re thinking like this guy was), the thief jumps into the passenger seat while his partner-in-crime steps on the gas.

Oops! The car was in reverse. Trying again, the driver jammed the car into drive and the pair fled with the parcel.

Speaking with NBC Washington, Marsedah Diggs said she had ordered the 65-inch, 4K television from Walmart late last month.

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“It was ridiculous,” Diggs said. “Everyone else who saw the video was laughing at the time. I wasn’t laughing.”

The woman said after she didn’t receive the television she called Walmart and FedEx to inquire about its whereabouts only to find out it had been delivered.

“He’s an idiot,” Diggs said of the bumbling thief. “He’s an idiot. That’s all I can say, and I hope he broke that TV into a thousand pieces by the time he got it to his destination.”

According to NBC, Diggs received a replacement television from Walmart.


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